Sunday, October 27, 2013

application letters are not easy

- Shifted -

Today is Monday after Mestre Curisco's event, one month to the start of the B2B journey. I need to write this application letter to Mestre. I am about to faint. I have written a few application letters. To universities. To Microsoft and Google. To girls. My first one to a construction company in Vienna. I once wrote an open letter to the Austrian Foreign Ministress asking her if she is crazy for sending Austrian Elite Mountain Troops to train the Chinese military to better hunt down Tibetan refugees, and maybe defend all the water they are about to take from India.

But I am completely intimidated thinking about what to write to this Capoeira legend so that I may join this journey that I have been dreaming of unknowingly. I start and stop many times. I call my friends, the few that I am willing to tell about this insane idea. I listen to Reise nach Afrika over and over. This is too  hard, my mind wanders and I start thinking about what I need to do to get on this train. And suddenly the letter seems easier

  • Quit job gracefully right before shipping (Microsoft speak for finishing a product).
  • Tell parents that you won't be around for the 4 week vacation that they had planned for a year 
  • Get rid of apartment
  • Sell Bronco 
  • Manage Finances for none presence 
  • Shut down a bunch of services 
  • Extend my Greencard for a one year trip - I now LOL at this 
  • Triage possessions, dump most of them, keep two bags. What you arrived with 12 years ago. 
  • Pack a 200 item deep list for living on a bike for 2 years

Wait. I can't do any of these things. Mestre said "if you would like to join for a little bit". But in my heart I know that if I am going for 2 weeks, I am going all the way. My head tells me I am totally loco. Hah! So how do I do all that shutting down of life and packing for a trip without really knowing if its for two weeks or two years? Let's hope that Mestre will answer me one way or another pretty quickly, so I start again.
I talk to my roomie. He tells me that the shitstorm I am about to enter reminds him of Basketball Playoffs. Sellers is always so helpful. But this does help me because "One game at a time!" makes me stay in the moment.

I draft many versions. I find help. I pray to all your supreme beings of choice. And I hit send after a sleepless night. Mestre answers fairly immediately - one hour later I am surprised to find his reply. He is not saying no. I bounce around the room for a minute. That's so awesome. I can't believe my luck!

Hold on. He is not saying yes either. This will remain so.

Ask me why Capoeira is like life.

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